Integrated Nutrition for Growth (IN4G) in Xamneua District, Houaphanh Province


Lao PDR faces significant malnutrition challenges, with high rates of stunting (33% under 5 years, 13% severely stunted), wasting (9%), and underweight (21%). Some provinces, notably Huaphanh and Xieng Khuang, exhibit even higher rates, including 41% stunting in Huaphanh and 46% in Xieng Khuang. Ethnic minorities and upland areas are disproportionately affected, with Hmong-Mien children experiencing up to 50% stunting. Health facilities suffer from poor management, affecting service demand and malnutrition detection. The “SCALING – Sustainable Change Achieved through Linking Improved Nutrition and Governance” project focused on improving maternal and child health, livelihoods, gender norms, water and sanitation, and behavior change to address malnutrition, with positive impacts seen. This new project seeks to leverage the expertise and components gained from SCALING to further combat malnutrition, aligning with multifaceted causes as identified by various sources.

Project Descriptio

Project Goal 

To improve the nutrition status of children under 2, focusing on improved outcomes in the first 1000 days.


Project Objectives 

  • Specific Objective 1: Mothers, fathers, girls, boys, female and male youth improve health, nutrition and hygiene practices at the home and community level.
  • Specific Objectives 2: Formal health facilities better able to provide quality health services to meet the needs of their catchment population (particularly focused on services targeting mothers, girls, boys, female and male youth).  
  • Specific Objectives 3: Local, subnational and national level systems are strengthened and supported to better respond to the nutrition needs of the community.

Key Outputs 

  • Output 1.1: Social Behaviour Change Communities (SBCC) on nutrition.
  • Output 1.2: Village Farmer Nutrition School (FNS).
  • Output 1.3: Promoting the marketing of WASH products (sanitation marketing).
  • Output 1.4: Create Village savings loans groups (VSLG) for 5 villages.
  • Output 1.5: Women’s leadership and empowerment training
  • Output 1.6: Health and nutrition education at Lower Secondary Schools (LSS) at 2 schools.
  • Output 2.1: Community Accountability Mechanism (CAM) implemented in Health Centers.
  • Output 3.1: National Plan of Action on Nutrition (NPAN) 2021-2025 support activities.

Implementation Period 

From the approved date to 30 June 2024


Supported by:

The Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)