Vilasai Thammavong

The future of a nation is in the hands of its children and young people. 

By investing in children and young people, we can shape the future for generations to come. It isn’t an abstract concept; it is something that can be measured and quantified. 

A child’s development is not just about future generations, but also about all children, now and in the future. By fostering critical thinking skills in children, we help them learn to make responsible decisions for themselves and for those around them. This helps them grow into responsible global citizens. In addition, promoting life skills development through ChildFund in Laos programs, is essential to supporting Lao children and youth in developing critical decision-making skills. 

These same programs ensure that children and youth are aware of child rights, child protection initiatives, gender equality, health services, reproductive health and safe internet use. By learning about these topics, they improve their leadership skills, psycho-social skills and other critical life skills that help them plan their future. 

The child rights movement has a long history of advocating for promoting the participation of children and young people in society and including their voices in decision making processes. 

ChildFund in Laos is proud to be a part of the child rights movement and to support children from diverse backgrounds in achieving their highest potential. This includes children living in remote parts of the country, those from ethnic minorities, children living with a disability, young people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA community and children belonging to other marginalised groups. 

At ChildFund, we want all children to have equal opportunities to child protection, education, health care, empowerment, and other areas critical to their well-being and rights. We are proud to work alongside with government partners, local associations, international organisations, children and youth leaders/volunteers who are committed to ensuring that everyone has the equal and fair opportunities to be protected, participate, grow and act for a better future for all without leaving anyone behind.

Vilasai Thammavong

Country Director, ChildFund in Laos