ChildFund Laos ensures a world in which every child can realise their right and achieve their potential to their fullest. We are committed towards every child to be safe, educated, heard and empowered so that they have ownership over their future.

We understand the pressings challenges that children and young people face that deny them of their rights and cause issues such as child abuse and exploitation, climate change, rising inequality, health issues, education and jobs among others. The core of ChildFund Laos’ efforts is to improve the health, education and wellbeing of children and their respective communities.

This cannot be achieved without collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders including the Government of Laos, local communities, civil society organisations and Donor Agencies. In Laos, Child Fund comprises of a diverse, talented, professional and exceptionally dedicated team that support in realizing its vision and mission.

We hold true to our values of respect, integrity, collaboration, change, empowerment and excellence and values. These values contribute to the organizational culture of being a learner, doer and  innovator. We nurture these values and culture by putting children at the heart of Child Fund. Please join us in co-creating this journey together with children towards a sustainable future.

Biju Abraham