Child and Youth Empowerment for Climate Change Action Project


Young people, constituting 41% of the global population, are increasingly at risk due to climate change’s profound impact. The United Nations Children’s Fund highlights nearly half of the world’s children, around 2.2 billion, as extremely vulnerable to climate change. Children below 5 years old suffer over 88% of climate-related health issues. Climate change affects their access to essentials, exposes them to mental and physiological challenges, and exacerbates existing problems. Both direct and indirect impacts are pronounced: climate change intensifies top infant mortality causes, while extreme weather events lead to mental health issues and societal pressures. Lao PDR faces waste management issues and poor air quality, with adverse effects on children’s health. Youth, though agents of change, are often excluded from climate discussions. ChildFund in Laos, partnering with NCAWMC, empowers youth through initiatives like the ‘Ready for Life’ project, fostering leadership, education, and waste management skills. Despite challenges, Lao youth are increasingly engaging in climate campaigns, reflected in the NCAWMC’s action plan. Amidst challenges like climate change and natural disasters, children’s vulnerability persists, necessitating inclusive efforts to empower them against climate threats.

Project Description 

Project Goal 

Children and Adolescents are empowered to participate, act and lead life skill   development and climate change actions in their schools and communities

Project Objectives 

Key Outputs 

  • Outcome 1: Student leaders and teacher coordinators are equipped with key life skills and climate change awareness in 30 schools in Vientiane Capital.
  • Outcome 2: Student leaders receive the training on social skills (life skills and climate change awareness) to get more strengtherning.
  • Outcome 3: Children and young people lead advocacy and awareness campaigns for sustainable city recycling programs in schools and community.

Implementation Period

From the approved date to 31 July 2023

Supported by: 

ChildFund Korea (CFK)