Child Life Skills Empowerment Project


The lack of knowledge and skills among young people has made them susceptible to risky migration, exploitation, and vulnerable employment. Especially affecting young women, inadequate education leads to challenges such as financial mismanagement and workplace abuse. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened economic conditions, raising concerns about unemployment, debt, food security, and basic services. Financial literacy is crucial to mitigate these shocks, yet Laos has a moderate financial literacy score. Efforts by the government and institutions to enhance financial literacy have been slow, further exacerbated by limited understanding of child participation. ChildFund in Laos, in collaboration with the National Commission for the Advancement of Women, Mothers, and Children, has implemented projects focusing on resilience, health awareness, and media literacy, culminating in the National Children’s Forum that identified the lack of financial literacy among youth as a significant concern, especially worsened by COVID-19. Additionally, children in Laos face climate change-related challenges and road safety issues, exacerbating vulnerabilities due to their limited resources and access to services.

Project Description

Project Goal 

Children are empowered to lead positive change in their schools and communities

Project Objectives 

Key Outputs 

  • Output 1.1: Cha-Ching Financial Literacy for Children Programme is contextualized and approved for use in Laos
  • Output 1.2: 50 Master Trainers receive financial literacy ToT
  • Output 1.3: 500 Teachers receive financial literacy curriculum ToT
  • Output 1.4: 20,000 students receive financial literacy curriculum
  • Output 1.5: MoES endorsement sought for financial literacy curriculum
  • Output 2.1: 100 Children’s Empowerment Clubs Established
  • Output 2.2: Children receive life skills development sessions
  • Output 2.3: Children participate in local and national Children’s Forums
  • Output 3.1:   30 child-led small grants proposals selected and implemented
  • Output 3.2: Project Working Team monitor and support implementation of child-led small grants

Implementation Period 

From the approved date to 31 December 2024

Supported by 

Prudence Foundation