Rugby for Development Program(ChildFund Pass It Back)


ChildFund is the lead in a global partnership with World Rugby (the global federation for the sport of rugby) and Asia Rugby (the regional federation for the sport of rugby) delivering a rugby and life skills curriculum across Asia, as part of World Rugby and Asia Rugby’s commitments to grow the sport globally.  Since the partnership began, ChildFund, working with partners, has been working with national rugby federations across Asia, building on work that began in Laos.  In Laos, ChildFund has been working in partnership with the Lao Rugby Federation (registered under the Elite Sport Department, Ministry of Education and Sport) and is now looking to expand cooperation in Laos under this MoU.

This project has been designed to support the Ministry of Education and Sport’s Education Sector Development Plan (2016-2020) which commits to: Children and youth having the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to national socio-economic development, and benefiting from development; targeting youth and adults aged from 15 to 45 years through non-formal education; providing physical sports for youth, girls, elderly and disabled persons; and acknowledging the importance of gender equality and special support in increasing opportunities and claiming women’s rights are important issues that need to be addressed.

The National Research Institute for Education Sciences (2002), recognises that a combined sport and life skills approach plays a role in fostering a child’s well-balanced personality, including teaching ethical and moral values.  The UN Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group, highlight that Sport for Development initiatives can: Strengthen child and youth development and education; foster gender equity; enhance social inclusion; prevent conflict and build peace; promote economic development; improve health; and prevent disease.  Key findings from a recent external evaluation of the pilot project reported that ‘the World Rugby and ChildFund Pass It Back product and processes are amongst some of the best in the world for connecting sport and development outcomes’; and ‘the [World Rugby and ChildFund Pass It Back] curriculum is high quality and contributes to both sport and development outcomes effectively’.

Following consultations with the Department of Elite Sport, MoES, scaling up the successes from the initial project will support their contribution to the National ESDP and NSEDP.  To institutionalise this approach, this project will also support communities to develop their own sport-focused community-based clubs registered with the LRF (under the Department of Elite Sport, MoES).

Project Description

Project Goal

This project is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Lao PDR by ensuring that children and young people are equipped to overcome challenges by supporting the development of strong role models who deliver quality sport and life skills learning opportunities to their peers in a safe and enjoyable environment

Project Objectives

  • To provide children with structured sport and life skills learning opportunities in a safe, inclusive environment, that builds resilience and allows them to positively contribute to their communities in Laos.

Key Outputs:

  • All participants show a 15% increase in learning across each life skills area and across leadership competencies.